Your Yoni - a portal to Empowerment & Radiance

February 15, 2021

Your Yoni - a portal to Empowerment & Radiance

Your Yoni - a portal to Empowerment & Radiance
Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina. It translates as “sacred space” or “sacred portal”. I like to use the word Yoni to bring appreciation and acknowledgement to this magical part of the feminine body! Our yoni is one of our feminine main energy centers together with our heart and womb space. When we start connecting deeper with our yoni and cultivate our own sexual life force energy we both become more empowered and radiant women! That is my own experience and also the testimonial of many women from my courses and workshops.
Yoni Egg
Yoni egg, Jade egg or Love egg are all names for a beautiful healing semi precious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina, or yoni. Using a Yoni Egg is a beutiful way to bring appreciation and acknowledgement to this magical part of the feminine body as well as enhancing awareness and physical sensation.
Yoni eggs or Jade eggs have been used for 5000 years. In the royal palace in China these eggs were used by the empresses and concubines to access sexual power, awaken their sexuality and to maintain amazing health and vitality into their old age. It is possible to do yoni yoga and connect with your yoni without a yoni egg, but it is my experience that the yoni egg enhances the connection and sensation, and also makes the whole practice more sacred.
Buying a yoni egg
Choose a yoni egg that you feel drawn to. You can read about the dierent energetic qualities of each stone or jut go with your gut feeling, that is usually the most correct and easiest way! If your yoni egg has a hole in the top you can use a thread to be able to take the egg out easier. But you can also push your egg out with your pelvic oor muscles. When you buy a new egg it is good to clean in by putting in salt water (choose a natural salt such a Himalaya salt or sea salt) over night. This way you clean it both physically and energetically.
Using your yoni egg
I recommend being guided though your rst yoni egg initiation. But if you don’t have this possibility, here are some advices. First, really take it slow. The process of letting the egg meet the yoni and really respecting if your yoni opens for receiving the egg or not is essential. Be patient. The last thing you want to do is to push or force it. Make your yoni practice into a sacred moment of self care, a moment of time you spend only for you, with you. <3
Benefits of Yoni yoga & Yoni egg practice
-Increases libido and awakens our sexual energy.
-The internal massage restores & increases sensitivity in the vaginal canal.
-Enhancing your shakti/chi/prana or (life force energy!).
-Increasing your ability to access more orgasmic pleasure.
-Healing stored unprocessed pain & trauma in this area of our bodies.
-Develops and intimate and loving relationship with your yoni and from this a sense of increased self love.
-Stimulating reexology points within the vagina beneting organs throughout the body and releasing trauma and tension.
-Helping you to recover more quickly from childbirth.
-Improved bladder control to prevent incontinence.
-Shorter and less painful periods.
-Regulating hormones in the body.
-Toned vaginal walls and pelvic oor muscles.
-The vibration of the crystal stones gives a healing from the inside. increases natural lubrication, even after menopause.

Written by Cinna Brahme
Yoni yoga teacher & Yoni egg practice facilitator
Instagram: flowofshe

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