Ängsbacka Kitchen Stories

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A taste of Ängsbacka in your own home

270 pages of food and stories from the past 25 years! 

The Food

The book features around 70 inspiring recipes from the Ängsbacka kitchen and Café - all vegetarian and vegan and composed with much love and care. Green smoothies, warming stews and soups, delicious raw cakes, fresh salads, homely food, full festive meals and much more.Learn how to make Ängsbacka classics such as Schnitzerkost by Dan Uhrbom, Golden Milk by Johan Erle and Kladdkaka by Robyn and Mandi Goldberg, and also enjoy the stories behind some of the recipes.

The People

Get to know the people behind the eating and drinking experiences at Ängsbacka! Read about their life stories, their philosophies on food, how they came to Ängsbacka and what fun and crazy things they experienced in the kitchen over the years.

For many of them, food has been an important part in changing their life styles, conquering illness and healing in different ways. And, of course, they will also talk about food as a source of enjoyment, a way to unite people and to make them feel at home!

The Stories

Ängsbacka started in 1996 as a course and festival center in Värmland, Sweden. They offer retreats, courses, festivals and trainings in yoga, meditation, tantra, coaching, healing etc., uniting and supporting people from all over the world on their personal and spiritual journeys.

Learn about how this place came to be and follow its ups and downs during the past 25 years. Many times Ängsbacka has faced challenges but thanks to the many volunteers and staff who have put in their dedication and loving service, she has conquered them and continued living on.

* 270 pages full of beautiful images, portraits, stories and recipes
* 23 chapters with chefs and Ängsbacka legends
* Bonus feature: historical overview of Ängsbacka from the start up until today

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