Exfoliating Coffee scrub - Mandarin 220g - Optiat

THE NATURE-FRIENDLY BEAUTY COMPANY - SOURCED & MADE BY HAND IN THE UK: Optiat give new life to ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. They collect used coffee grounds from London's finest cafes, bars and restaurants and transform them into our high-quality coffee scrubs. The scrubs are made with love & care - made by hand in the UK. Optiat only use the finest natural ingredients to create a natural, vegan coffee scrubs. Never test on animals - the products are completely cruelty-free!

ONLY COFFEE SCRUB IN A TUBE - NO MESS, NO WASTE: Optiat has created a highly-guarded secret formula that gives the best experience in the shower. Like a shower gel, simply squeeze the tube to get your scrub out. No waste, no mess - simply a better all-round experience!

EXFOLIATE FOR SOFT, SMOOTH, SUPPLE SKIN. CAFFEINE TACKLES CELLULITE, ACNE, ECZEMA: Brown sugar and salt aid the exfoliation process, gently removing dead skin to reveal fresh, brighter skin underneath. Shea Butter leaves skin feeling hydrated post-scrub - no need to moisturize afterwards! : Caffeine in coffee stimulates blood flow, drawing blood to those areas in particular need. Coffee is also loaded with antioxidants - perfect for tackling free radicals, the main cause of the sign of aging.

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