Creativity Intention Bracelet

Bracelet for creativity with howlit, amazonite & flourite

For the experience of feeling the creative desire simmering in the veins and the feeling of inspiration that grows in the lungs with each breath. It is your turn to fill the blank space with your dreams and experiences. It's your turn to express and share who you are!

Howlit for the plank pages in the book of life that is still not written. Amazonite for the desire to go your own way and for the presence of happiness in life. Fluorite for the eternal flow of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

The world is waiting for my gift.

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."
- Erich Fromm

Manufacture and design 
Information: Design: The bracelet is made of durable elastic thread Size: The bracelet measures 17.5 -18 cm in outer circumference. Material: Stone beads that are facet cut or round cut, Size of the beads is about 6mm. Silver pearls in sterling silver together with Kristallrummet's logo or gold-plated pearls and logo.
NOTE: Elastic threads are available in different qualities and thicknesses. An elastic bracelet is exposed to great wear as it is worn on and off the arm often. You should never pull out the elastic thread more than necessary, nor can it withstand water, strong cold or heat. All this affects the thread and causes it to freeze or dry and become brittle or brittle. It is also not a good idea to sleep with a necklace or bracelet on elastic thread because you do not know what you are doing in your sleep.


Notice that every bracelet looks slightly different since the stones is a natural material. 

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