Crystal facial roller - Obsidian

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Get that Yoga glow!

Massaging your face with this crystal roller helps your skin's circulation and is perfect when your skin feels plump, tired or irritated.
As you softly roll it over your face it also helps to tighten the skin.
The calming and balancing energy of obsidian is said to strengthen our presence and ability to rest in ourselves. The soothing vibrations from this crystal relieve tension around the face to restore a healthy glow.

Work from the nose and outwards, as well as up against the hairline. Use over cheeks, brows, thins, throat and decollete. Use it over masks and creams to increase absorption and to make the product's effect even stronger! For example, you can use your facial roller after applying morning or evening serums to make them work deeper. A calming and meditative moment where you give a little love to your face and will make you feel fresh and excited.

Total length: about 15 cm
Large roller: about 4.5 x 2 cm
Small roller: about 2 x 2 cm
Handle: about 8.5 cm



  • Increases blood circulation to the face and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Has a detoxification effect on your skin
  • Decreases puffiness under eyes and around the face
  • Leaves skin with a healthy, natural glow
  • Meditative and very enjoyable massage!

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