Dental Floss Mint - Georganics

This natural dental floss is made of Ahimsa silk (a method where the silk is collected without harming the silkworms) which is covered with candelilla wax and flavored with organic peppermint oil. The dental floss comes together with a reusable glass container with a metal cork. When it runs out, you can refill the jar with Georganics 2x30 m refills.

At Georganics, nature is in focus, and their range of oral hygiene products is designed to contribute to both clean teeth and a clean planet. Here you will find innovative products such as toothpaste powder, mouthwash tablets that you dissolve in tap water (so you do not have to carry water unnecessarily, smart huh?) To oil pulling mouthwash.

The products are made from organic and natural ingredients, and come in stylish packaging that is designed to minimize waste. The products are suitable for vegans and have never been tested on animals.

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