Essential Oil Perfume Lakshmi - The Goddess Line

Goddess of wealth and abundance

Lakshmi's "musky" scent comes from a blend of oils, such as patchouli, frankincense, sandalwood, and amber, mixed with sweet almond oil. We do NOT use real musk (and use no animal products of any kind).

Patchouli fights depression and is an aphrodisiac, while frankincense is stimulating and mood-elevating. Amber comforts and draws away negative energy. Sandalwood acts as a memory, health and immunity-booster, as well as relieves high blood pressure.

Lakshmi is personified as the goddess of fortune and wealth, and as an embodiment of loveliness, grace and charm.

There is no alcohol or water in any of our oils. Take them on the go with our compact 1/3 oz. bottle featuring a smooth, no-mess roll-on applicator.

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