Gift Bag - Tantra - Carnelian, Granat, Strawberry quartz, Yellow Calcite, Aventurine, Lapiz Lazuli, Amethyst

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Carnelian with the chakra stones garnet, strawberry quartz, yellow calcite, aventurine, amazonite, lapis lazuli, amethyst or equivalent.

For the experience that the life energy flows freely in your body, that you are present to your sexuality and that the sexual power gives you increased presence and well-being in your everyday life.

Carnelian for balanced relationships and awareness around addiction, independence and co-dependence. Chakra stones for energy for each chakra and the joy of celebrating each part of yourself that together gives the whole.

I am relaxed, comfortable and open to sexual pleasure and orgasm.

"Sex is a part of my nature. I go along with nature" - Marilyn Monroe

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