Soul Fika gift kit (bundle price 180kr 210kr )

This kit contains:

Organic Cacao Maca Magic from Pukka- In this warming latte mix, you get fair-trade cocoa, which together with the powerful organic herbs maca and ashwagandha has both a soothing and energizing effect. The drink has a delicate, smooth taste of chocolate and contains herbal heroes who will bring out the best in you.
100% organic ingredients.

Raw Chocolate Coffee from Arvika Raw Chocolate Factory- Värmland coffee with Värmland chocolate gives a soft taste that gives you the feeling of sitting in a café and sipping a coffee latte.

Two Palo Santo sticks- It is rich in aromatic resin, and can be used like incense or to clear and cleanse your home and aura. Its characteristic scent creates a sacred atmosphere, makes the mind clear and can support depth meditation and contemplation.


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