Deep Meditation Bundle (645kr 717kr )

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This kit contains:

Meditations Drops from Bush flower- Awakens one’s spirituality and allows one to go deeper into any religious or spiritual practice. Enhances access to the Higher Self whilst providing psychic protection and healing of the aura.

Frankencense Essential Oil from Fushi- Frankincense has long and deeply spiritual history. It has been used for quite literally thousands of years. In the West it is often best known as one the three gifts given to Jesus by the visiting wise men. Frankincense oil is used as an incense oil, and is naturally astringent.

Smoky Amethyst PointSmoky Amethyst is a combination of Amethyst and Smoke Quartz. It's extremely good combination in healing. It creates contact with the highest possible spiritual energy and then puts the energy into the body. 

Palo Santo stick- It is rich in aromatic resin, and can be used like incense or to clear and cleanse your home and aura. Its characteristic scent creates a sacred atmosphere, makes the mind clear and can support depth meditation and contemplation. 


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