The Free Spirit Bundle (159kr 179kr )

This bundle contains:

Sage bundle- Smoke away those nasty vibes! The plant is considered sacred. For centuries, white sage has been used for cleansing, purifying and protection. Smudging is done to rid homes of bad spirits and ward off negative energies!

Palo Santo stick- It is rich in aromatic resin, and can be used like incense or to clear and cleanse your home and aura. Its characteristic scent creates a sacred atmosphere, makes the mind clear and can support depth meditation and contemplation. 

Clear Quartz crystalClear quartz crystal is said to be a link between the energy of the celestial stars and our souls. The energy of the crystal symbolizes harmony, balance and synchronicity. It is said to traditionally harmonize and link thoughts, feelings and consciousness with the existential power of the universe. It has been used for spiritual, scientific and healing purposes in many cultures around the world. It is said that it can transform, strengthen, focus and balance energy.

Citrine crystalCitrine is a happy and positive stone that stimulates us to look at the bright side of life. It helps us to express ourselves in social contexts, have fun, laugh and play. It can be worn as an amulet to strengthen self-confidence and confidence in one's own ability to create and be. 

Red Jasper crystalJasper highlights your natural beauty by enhancing vitality and vitality. Confidence in our own path through life and in the creative power of the universe gives beauty and power. Jasper supports us through life's natural processes such as pregnancy, birth, puberty and aging. 

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