Pleasure Bundle (799kr 877kr )

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This bundle contains:

Love and Lust, a sensuous massage oil from KaliFlower Organics- Worship each other!
Aphrodisiac massage-body oil that will add the extra spark to your sensuous touch! The scent of this oil is absolutely amazing, woody, sweet and warm. Sensual, soft and heart opening - for blissful moments and deep joy. Apply with warm, conscious and loving hands. All organic and pure.

Isis Essential Oil Perfume from The Goddes Line- Goddess of Rebirth, Fertility and Magic This fragrance features essential rose mixed with white floral and organic golden jojoba and grapeseed oils. An intoxicating scent, rose helps bring you balance and harmony, while also stimulating and elevating the mind. Essential rose is the queen of oils, establishing harmony throughout the body, while promoting circulation and healthy skin. 

Yoni Egg Rose Quartz- Yoni eggs have been used among ancient, mystic women of Asia, Africa, India, the Philippians, and the Caribbean for centuries for feminine health and vaginal tightness. Utilizing a Yoni Egg is an excellent addition to your holistic health regimen, as it provides healing/balancing of all types of female/womb-based physical, emotional, and spiritual health nuances, not just vaginal strengthening and tightening. 

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