Healing Intention Bracelet

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For the experience of feeling whole and in balance with the whole. You are in just the right place in your life, can the growth force within you and that each cell extends towards your life-giving inner sun to find more nourishment and flower.

Beads of moss agate, jaspis and unakite, silver and the Crystal Room's silver logo on durable elastic thread.

Moss agate for the healing power of nature and the green wavelength relaxing and presence-inducing ability. Unakite to initiate the heart and to care about ourselves deep in the root of the heart. Jaspis for everything to grow and develop, the power of life is unstoppable.

I am whole and in balance with all the forces of life.

"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

Information: Design: The bracelet is made of durable elastic thread Size: The bracelet measures 17.5 -18 cm in outer circumference. Material: Stone beads that are facet cut or round cut, Size of the beads is about 6 mm. Silver pearls in sterling silver the Crystal Room logo.


Notice that every bracelet looks slightly different since the stones is a natural material. 

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