Linden Flower Toner 100ml - Bare Origins

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  • Linden flower or Tilia is a large ancient tree, with a significant tradition around Europe (the Njevnik linden tree is the thickest tree in Slovenia under which every June a national meeting of Slovene politicians takes place). The oldest linden tree is 2000 years old. The tree
  • blossoms with fragrant, nectar-producing medicinal flowers. The flowers are used for herbal teas and tinctures popular in Europian and North American herbal practices. The dried flowers are mildly sweet and sticky, and the fruit is somewhat sweet and mucilaginous. Our linden mist comes from a small, sustainable family owned business in Bulgaria. The flowers are picked from wild growing linden trees by local herbs collectors and are then distilled to produce the mist.

  • Distilled wild-harvested Bulgarian linden flower
  • Benefits
Active ingredients in the linden flower include flavonoids (which acts as antioxidants) and volatile oils. Linden flowers are used in herbalism for colds, cough, fever, infections, inflammation, high blood pressure, headache (particularly migraine), and as a diuretic (increases urine production), antispasmodic (reduces smooth muscle spasm along the digestive tract), and sedative. 
Similarly applying the linden flower water topically helps the skin fight inflammation and infections. 

  • Use
Use the mist after washing your face and body to balance the PH level of your skin before applying your day cream or oil.
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the mist is perfect to help soothe irritated skin.

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