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Organic match of fantastic quality, grown and produced in the traditional way! Matcha, used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony "Cha No Yu". It is a very special, elegant and very useful tea in powder form. Using ground tea, powder and whipping it up for a drink, is the original way to drink tea, both in China and Japan.

Different kinds of tea from a plant All teas are made from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis and its subspecies. But the end product is very different in terms of appearance, taste and caffeine level. This depends, among other things, on how the tea leaves are treated after the harvest and the degree of oxidation to which the tea leaves are exposed. Green tea is not oxidized but is steamed or roasted to prevent oxidation from starting. Matcha is steamed after harvest and dried without rolling. During drying, stems and larger fibers are removed to make the powder as fine as possible. Then the tea leaves are ground in a stone grinder. Japan has been drinking matcha since the 12th century.

Matcha is made from tencha which (just like the fine, famous tea gyokoro) is grown in the shade the last weeks before harvest (you simply cover the tea and grow it "under a sunroof" the last few weeks) so that the concentration of flavors and chlorophyll will be as high as possible.

Use Drinking Matcha is usually a great experience. Over time, however, it is free to experiment! There are also many different types of recipes, both dishes and desserts and drinks, sauces, ice cream, smoothies, lattes and more where Matcha is included, so this is a tea with many interesting possibilities. Feel free to try green chocolate, colored by Matcha! It is important that the temperature of the water does not exceed 70 degrees.

Nutritional content per 100g energy: 1268kJ / 302kcal fat: 5g - of which saturated fat: 1g carbohydrate: 31g - of which sugars: 0g fiber: 6g protein: 30g corresponding salt: 0g

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