Essential Oil Perfume Parvati - The Goddess Line

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Goddess of Perseverance and Devotion

Parvati promotes notes of vanilla mixed with sweet almond oil.

Vanilla eases breathing problems and sleep apnea, as well as helps to calm your nerve and brain cells. Use it as an aromatherapy treatment for chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, chronic fatigue and restlessness. 

There is no alcohol or water in any of our oils. Take them on the go with our compact 1/3 oz. bottle featuring a smooth, no-mess roll-on applicator.

OBS this product is so popular, it runs out super fast.. But don't worry, we work as fast as we can to ship your product as soon as possible. Allow 2-4 weeks for it to arrive, as a thank you for your patience and support we will ad another gift to your package. 

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