Organic Rosemary Essential Oil 10 ml - Akamuti

Organic rosemary essential oil is stimulating and refreshing and will help to keep you feeling bright and awake. We recommend burning rosemary oil when you’re working or need to stay focused, rosemary is well known for it’s ability to enhance the concentration. This is the oil chosen by people sitting exams or working to deadline!  We can’t guarantee it will help you pass but it certainly helps to keep you sharp and clear headed.

In massage, rosemary essential oil will optimise healthy circulation and is a great choice for achy rheumatic joints, it’s warming qualities help to warm up cold areas of tightness. Rosemary is also an excellent addition to hair oils for healthy looking hair and is particularly useful for dark hair.  It promotes the flow of nutrients to the scalp, which brings about better health. Apply a couple of drops to your next application of plain shampoo or conditioner.

Always dilute rosemary essential oil in a cold pressed oil before use. Rosemary oil is strong and potently aromatic and is not suitable for use on the face or near the eyes.

Unsuitable for: pregnancy, high blood pressure, epilepsy.

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