Serenity Yin Yoga - Magdalena Mecweld (available both in English & Swedish)

Imagine that your body is agile and healthy. That your mind is calm and balanced. That you feel energetic and happy. Only a few Yin yoga sequences can have that impact on your life.

Yin yoga is a tranquil and restful yoga. It has been described as unbearably nice or nicely unbearable, but above all, it is easy—everyone can do it.

My wish with this book is to help you become agile, calm, and energetic: in short, to get you in better shape. To help me with this, I have recruited my friends and students, all of whom practice Yin yoga with me. I hope that, together, we will inspire you to try Yin yoga on your own, at home, in your own time and without pressure. You don’t even have to wear special clothes. Lie down in the simple positions, relax and just be.

If you do Yin yoga once a day, that’s fantastic.
If you do it once a week, that’s fantastic, too.
If you only ever do it once, that’s also fantastic!

Welcome to Yin yoga.
— Magdalena

Magdalena Mecweld is an experienced and much loved yoga instructor. This book was first published in 2012 in Sweden to great acclaim, garnering a devoted following. This is Magdalena’s first publication in English.

‘Serenity Yin yoga is beautifully crafted. Thousands of words have been expressed in wonderful pictures, explaining postures and options, flows and benefits, and the practice and practicalities of Yin yoga. This book will enhance any yoga library.’
—Bernie Clark

‘I am constantly surprised how much Yin yoga has grown in the last decade. Magdalena’s lovely book, which is now offered in English thanks to the skillful translation by Norman Blair, will make even more people captivated by its unique body/mind benefits.’
—Sarah Powers

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