Tantra Intention Bracelet

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Tantra, celebrate sex! Celebrate your sexuality! For the experience that life energy flows freely in your body, that you are present in your sexuality and that the sexual power gives you increased presence and well-being in your everyday life.

Carneol for balanced relationships and awareness around addiction, independence and co-dependence. Chakra stones add energy to each chakra and the joy of celebrating every part of yourself that together gives the whole.


I am relaxed, confident and open to who I am, sexual pleasure and orgasm.
“Sex is part of nature. I go along with nature. ”

- Marilyn Monroe

Information: Design: The bracelet is made of durable elastic thread Size: The bracelet measures 17.5 -18 cm in outer circumference. Material: Stone beads that are facet cut or round cut, Size of the beads is about 6mm. Silver pearls in sterling silver together with Kristallrummet's logo.

Notice that every bracelet looks slightly different since the stones is a natural material. 

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