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One pure, natural 100% copper Ayurvedic tongue cleaner. Comes in one box with one cotton pouch.

Packaging made from eco-friendly paper. No plastic here!

Scrape first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink, to remove the bacteria that has accumulated on your tongue overnight #wakescrape.

🧄 Improves breath and oral hygiene: by removing harmful bacteria
👅 Balances oral microbiome: scraping off the bad guys and leaving the good
💪 Reinforces immunity: the mouth is one of the body's first lines of defence
🥑 Heightens sense of taste: by removing bacteria covering taste buds
💩 Improves digestion: by activating saliva
🌈 Life-changing: because tiny changes lead to big shifts in your wellbeing
  1. Hold one end of the tongue cleaner in each hand and set the rounded part at the back of your tongue
  2. Scrape the tongue from back to front applying light pressure. Scrape down the middle and then each side a few times
  3. Observe as you remove super gross yellow tongue slime every morning
  4. Rinse with water after use

Toothbrush vs tongue scraper : tongue scraper much much more effective. A toothbrush tends to just move the bacteria around your tongue rather than take it off

- When to scrape: first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything to avoid reinjesting the bacteria back in  

Aren’t there good bacteria in the mouth ? Yes. Oral microbiome is made up of good and bad bacteria. The reason why you do this once a day in the morning is because there is an accumulation of bad bacteria that is allowed to grow on your tongue during the night, when you have less saliva to wash it away. There will generally be more if you smoke or eat a lot of sugar / alcohol. 

Why copper: its antimicrobial - so bacteria can't grow on it (its actually the surface material where Covid dies the fastest). It also lasts pretty much forever and is not evil plastic :)

- How to clean: at some point the tongue cleaner will start to oxidise, as all pure copper does. You can keep it like this, it does not mean it’s ‘dirty’. Or if you want it to remain shiny, put salt and white vinegar on a cloth and wipe 

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