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When the grip is everything. Ultra-absorbent mat that offers maximum grip. Grip mat is the award-winning mat that suits all yoga styles and practitioners. On Grip mat, you stand firm and steady with maximum support, even in the most demanding asanas. Grip mat quickly becomes your trusted yoga friend in wet and dry.

“Here we are talking super grip, best in class! Odorless, lies heavily in place on the floor and feels thicker than its 5 mm - which is a big plus, especially when the knees or elbows rest heavily against the ground. ” Metro Mode

Thin top layer of durable polyurethane transports sweat away and absorbs moisture to help you get a really good grip. Thick layer of non-toxic PVC provides cushioning for your hands, feet and joints that are on the carpet. Free from latex. Pvc mat certified non-toxic by independent laboratory; they do not contain phthalates, AZO, DOP or heavy metals.


Wipe your carpet down with warm soapy water or wet cloth after even the sweaty class.

Material: polyurethane, non-toxic pvc | Dimensions: 180cm x 61 cm x 5 mm

Weight: 1.8 - 2.2 kg | Thickness: 5mm

Yogiraj tips - mat grip

A good grip on the yoga mat helps to perform and hold positions. A good grip is also something that is experienced differently from person to person. It can depend on everything from experience, technology, hand cream or how sweaty your hands become. However, what applies to most yoga mats is that they get a better grip after a period of use. So give your yoga mat a little patience and love. Give the mat a chance to develop into your best yoga buddy and thank you for contributing to increased durability and a better planet.

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